Not That Kind of Sex Bot

The following is a chapter from a collaborative collection “How the Medium Shapes the Message Through User Interaction,” created as an interactive media project for Writing for the Web.


How do you reach a campus full of students to let them know about products and services available to them? You tap into the devices that they carry around with them everywhere, their mobile phones.  

With forty-eight percent of Kennesaw State University students not using a form of contraceptive during sexual intercourse, the wellness department aims to reach more students through interactive media.  

Meghan Cooper has created a rules-based chatbot to act as the Condom Concierge for university students. The program is designed to capture sexual health orders for condoms and other products in an interactive way as a user agent. Utilizing a social media platform that students often frequent, such as Facebook, provides the wellness department to offer specific media that shapes the message based on the user’s interaction with the chatbot. 

The chatbot features allow the wellness department to re-engage students to participate in HIV and Hepatitis C testing events throughout the year. The chatbot will also share sexual health resources in a medium that young adults enjoy while still being informative. Taking a humor-based approach and creating visual resources like comics allow the department to connect with students in a successfully proven method.  

This chapter explores a formal white paper that supports the need for the Condom Concierge program. A closer look into the development stages of creating a chatbot for Facebook Messenger and sexual health media messages geared toward the young adult demographic. 

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